GTFA Sports & Arts Club

 A football club and training academy


The mission or purpose of GTFA is to provide a playing facility for football players in Munnaattukara and surrounding areas, provide football training, and operate a football league for teams in the region so that they compete weekly in football games scheduled at selected playing fields, including GTFA's facility.

Despite being home to a sixth of humanity, India has trouble even to qualify for the quadrennial soccer competition known as the World Cup. The reason for this is clear: Our nation does not have adequate playing facilities or training for football at the grassroots level - which means providing these opportunities to common people in their early years in villages, towns, and cities across the nation. Most schools do not have a suitable football playing field. Even colleges are not immune to this phenomenon. Their playgrounds are covered by gravel and most students who participate in the game can not afford soccer shoes. GTFA's purpose is to provide a solution to this for the three panchayats in the midst of which GTFA's grass-covered playing ground lies. By operating a football league as well as cooperating with other football clubs in the three panchayats and beyond them, it hopes to improve the interest in football in the area.

A part of the collection of trophies won from local and regional tournaments

G.T.F.A. Arts & sports Club was registered in 2003 under the 12th Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Societies Act of 1955. The Registration Number is P-690/03.

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